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Vogue article

vogueapril17.jpgNot only Vanity Fair, but also Vogue features Maria in its April issue! This time, the article is in English written by Jonathan van Meter and includes an interview with Maria mapping her fifteen-month suspension, what happened and what comes next. There is also a stunning shot of Maria in the magazine which was taken by Annie Leibovitz.

I would not have taken Maria Sharapova for a tea person. But here we are, standing in her kitchen parsing the finer points of grated ginger and stainless-steel infusers. I don’t even drink tea, but we both have rotten colds, so Sharapova has conjured the most delicious hot beverage I’ve ever tasted in a teapot made entirely of glass. The elixir is electric greenish-yellow—the color of a tennis ball—and one of the only splashes of color in the pristine white-and-gray Minimalist house that Sharapova spent three years building in Manhattan Beach, California. Continue reading

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Vanity Fair Spain

Maria is gracing the cover of the Vanity Fair magazine, more specifically its Spanish version issue April 2017. Besides a beautiful new photoshoot done for the magazine, there is also an article about Maria inside. Unfortunately, I do not speak Spanish at all so I have no idea what it talks about, however, if I find the translations somehow I’ll definitely share it here. For now (if you’re Spanish is not good enough), enjoy at least the gorgeous pictures!


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Sugarpova in Moscow

From the trade fair in Germany, Maria flew straight into Russia, Moscow to continue her promotion of the Sugarpova new products (they are listed in the previous article). This time, the “press tour” was a bit longer, not only did Maria her signing session in Moscow, but she also gave quite few interviews and visited the Russian talk show. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Russian well enough to be able to summarize the interviews , but I still listed all the videos I could find here in the article for you to watch. And as usually, the pictures are in the gallery – this time about 40 of them!

Videos: TALK SHOW | Interview Россия24 (Russian) | Interview матч! (Russian) | Interview  3 (Russian) |
Interview RT Sport (English) | Interview for HTB (Russian)


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Sugarpova in Cologne

Maria spent the last few days of January in Cologne, Germany where she came with Sugarpova to officially launch truffles, chocolate-covered gummies and new chocolate bar flavors at the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks (the 2017 ISM). The Sugarpova Premium Chocolate collection, created in partnership with Baron Chocolatier, previously consisted of 100g chocolate bars in Dark, Milk, Dark with Toasted Coconut and Milk with Strawberry, while the following products have been introduced in Cologne for the first time:

Milk Chocolate Covered Gummy Lips, Dark Chocolate with Orange, Dark Chocolate with Pear
Dark Chocolate with Toasted Coconut Truffles, Milk Chocolate with Pistachio Truffles,
Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate Truffles, Dark Chocolate with Orange Truffles


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Vegas 2 LA

Maria is on the cover of the Vegas 2 LA Magazine, the spring issue 2017 which will be available in 10 days. You can pick up a copy of the magazine at several different places: they are listed on the official website. Besides the cover, the issue will feature post about Sugarpova. Unfortunately, I do not know the details of the content, whether it’s gonna be the same article which is already online or something else (if I find out, I’ll update the news).

Maria Sharapova is a superstar athlete whose talents stretch far behind the tennis court. In addition to championship victories, she’s reaching new levels of success in the business world with Sugarpova, her own company dedicated to candy and chocolate. “My love for candy began as a child when I would be rewarded with a lollipop at practice,” she says. “I have a feisty sweet tooth. Over the years, as I was building brands, my entrepreneurial spirit came to light and I found myself wanting to build my own company. Being such a candy lover, exploring a candy business was a natural and organic fit for me.” Continue reading

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Ocean’s Eight cameo

Earlier this week, Maria joined the Ocean’s Eight movie crew in New York. The movie is an upcoming all-female reboot of Ocean’s Eleven, which was released in 2001 (directed by Steven Soderbergh) starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The helm of the new movies is Gary Ross, who previously directed Pleasantville and The Hunger Games and he is joined by the Ocean’s trilogy masters, director Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney, who acts as producers on the film. And what is Maria’s role? Reportedly, the movie features a scene at the Met Gala as one of the main characters is set out with a team of thieves to steal a valuable necklace from the Met Ball and frame the crooked gallery owner. So to recreate the Gala scene in NY, many famous celebrities and actors were invited to play themselves filming the Met Gala red carpet arrivals and the show… and Maria is one of them. She posted a picture of herself with a caption “A night at the MET” and also the actress Olivia Munn posted a picture with Maria on the set. The movie should be released next year, apparently the date is June 8, 2018. Now let’s all hope, Maria won’t be left on the cutting  room floor and we’ll see her in the movie 🙂